Suzuki Outboard Motor DF40ATL5 40 Horsepower


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Introducing the Suzuki DF40A, the pinnacle of 40 HP outboard engines! This remarkable powerhouse stands out as the sole engine in its class to deliver DOHC performance, setting new standards for reliability and efficiency. What truly sets it apart is the innovative maintenance-free, oil-bathed timing chain, ensuring that your outboard remains trouble-free and lasts longer. With increased displacement for enhanced power and performance, our Lean Control System takes fuel efficiency to the next level, all in a more compact and lighter design compared to its predecessors.

But there’s more! The DF40A also boasts the Suzuki Troll Mode System, giving you precise control over your trolling speed. Recognizing its groundbreaking features, the Boating Writers of America honored Suzuki Marine with the prestigious NMMA Innovation Award for the DF40A/DF50A at the 2011 Miami Boat Show. When you choose the Suzuki DF40A, you’re not just getting an outboard motor; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and innovation. Experience the future of boating with Suzuki!


  • Experience the freedom to set your own pace with Suzuki’s Troll Mode System. Glide into your favorite honeyhole with confidence as you take command of your outboard’s revs, adjusting them in 50 rpm intervals. Simply press the Troll Mode control switch, and you can fine-tune your engine’s performance from idle up to 1200 rpm. This precise control gives you the ability to master your wake and speeds, ensuring a perfect fishing experience every time.
  • Equipped with digital sequential electronic fuel injection, this engine is in sync with your needs. The electronic control unit continuously monitors throttle settings, engine RPM, cylinder wall and air-intake temperature, and atmospheric pressure simultaneously. With this real-time data, the fuel injection system delivers fuel into the combustion chamber at the most optimal moment. The result? Smoother and faster acceleration, crisp throttle response, and reliable starting, no matter the conditions or temperature. With the DF40A, your boating experience is always in perfect sync.

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